Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Phaser


Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Phaser
For the Fundamental Series, we challenged ourselves to design a set of pedals with the tonal integrity that’s required to live on a professional’s pedalboard , but with simplified controls friendly enough for even the newest effect pedal users. Each Fundamental pedal has 3 sliders for tweaking the sound and a three - way switch for changing pedal modes. The result is a line of 8 pedals that will keep you covered from your first band practice all the way to a sold - out arena. Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio headquarters in OKC, OK.
Fundamental Phaser
The Fundamental Phaser is a versatile digital emulation of a classic phaser. With 3 types of Phaser algorithms to select from, you can get sounds ranging from light tonal modulation to a highly modulated and resonant phaser.
: Control the rate of the LFO modulating the signal.
: Control the amount of affected signal sent back into the feedback loop.
: Control the depth of the LFO waveshape.
Slide Switch
– The slide switch allows you to change between 3 distinct flavors of the pedal.
– A scaled - back phaser that slightly modulates your signal.
– Emulates a classic warm analog phaser.
– Multi - voiced phaser with lots of experimental sounds.
Bypass Switch
– Turns the effect on and off.
Bypass LED
- Illuminated when the effect is engaged.
Trails Modes
– Hold down the stomp switch when applying power to the pedal.
Input Jack
- 1/4 inch cable from the instrument. Output Jack - 1/4 inch cable to amplifier.
9v Jack
– 9 - volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA min.

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