Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Walrus Audio Pedal Kangra Filter Fuzz

Walrus Audio Kangra Filter FuzzFrom Walrus:
Would you like to command all of existence with the authority of one guitar strike?

The Kangra Filter Fuzz is a true bypass, two-in-one pedal that provides a thick and spatty octave fuzz, and a psychedelic filter thats great for sweeps, frequency boost or even envelope filter sounds. The filter can run independently, or with the fuzz feeding into it. This is no rhythm player’s fuzz. Dig in and play dirty with aggressive fuzz lead lines that’ll rip time and space apart at the seams.

Controls: Sensitivity, Resonance, Volume, Frequency, Mid Scoop/Flat Switch, Modern/Vintage Fuzz Switch, Envelope Switch, Independent Fuzz and Filter Bypass
Power: 9VDC, Center Negative, (100mA minimum).
Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"
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